Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two Upcoming Shows

This Friday, May 2nd in Milwaukee @Hot Pop:

Next Friday May 9th @ Clothes Optional in Chicago:

Hope to see some of you there! Check back for pictures of the art from the shows, and If you would like to check the availablity of the artwork for purchase just drop me a line: joe.tallarico@gmail.com


Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Shirt from Owl Movement!

Whats bright yellow, vibrates, and makes your chest look like its exploding? My new shirt design from Owl Movement for the new lines and diagrams series. Buy Buy Buy!

Here is the original artwork. You can buy it to hang on your wall, it also includes a shirt in your size and a button set for 300 dollars, includes shipping in the US! 13x12 drawing, ink on bristol, frame 21x17. Email inquiries to joe.tallarico@gmail.com

Also for sale is Sammy Goat, my recent qee custom for Vinylmore at Atomic Pop! You can have him, a shirt in your size, and a button set for 300 dollars as well. Includes shipping in the US! e-mail inquiries to joe.tallarico@gmail.com


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lassie Come Home

New collage done with French design papers from 1910, pac-man stickers, spirograph, among other things. Click to view details.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Some Newly Launched Sites to Watch

A few fellow Chicago artists and good friends of mine decided to finally make what has been a long time coming. check It out our work and events at www.wearecartel.com

a bit from the mission statement:

Cartel is a collaborative effort of artists who create in the Midwest. Chicago is no stranger to the art world boasting a heavy dose of institutions, galleries, and home to about a billion artists and counting. We created Cartel to separate ourselves from the bevy of talent this city has to offer. We are no better or worse than any other working artists out here and believe that we have a unique perspective on things with all of our different styles.

Wearecartel.com will be home to 12 different artists working and creating in Chicago, sharing their experiences with you. We hope to entertain and inform you on just a small piece of what this great city has to offer artistically.

I will be updating work both here and there regularly, but this may be a little bit more personal, so read both!

Also, Freshlydipped.com is a recently launched website where you can by my artwork, as well as work by other artists. Please check it out and if you are interested you can hit me up with any questions as to how this works. Its really simple, and priced to move!!!