Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A couple things

Many things going down in Yoinkland recently.

1. My art is featured this month on ! Click refresh a few times to see the magic change right before your eyes. Viola! there are four headers total so be sure to hit refresh a buncha times.

2. Impaired Visions is coming to Chicago! Tentative date is March 3rd, 2007. Updates as I get them.

3. Here's A couple of sketchbook pages. I fill sketchbooks like i was urinating in a dixie cup. I have a stack of books Ive been playing around with uploading to the interweb. If people are interested I will post more. just a taste for now! click to make them grow.

As always if you need some artwork, want to buy something, or want to comment feel free to drop a line!

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